Maria of the bakery.

I just got the friend request of pregnant Maria of the bakery. That really made my day. I going to accept it now now. She is about four months pregnant. Showing already. Think she is going to be huge at six months. That is when I want her next to me.

I wouldn’t mind having her next to me even now. I just have a feeling she is going to be the first one of that SPAR I’m going to fuck, and she is going to open the doors to quite a few other ones. And believe me there is a few. ‘n Hele paar wat ek wil spyker. Om nie eers te praat van poes lek.

So I just accepted her friend request. Going to lick that pussy. Love the fact that she is pregnant. And what I am going to love more is to walk next to het with that pregnant belly and have the people think it is my baby. Ek dink dis wat my die grootste horing gee. Dit om net daai swart magie van haar te soen. Eish I hope she is serious.

Tomorrow more on how I want to fuck pregnant Maria of the bakery.

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