Black black girls.

I sometimes see those really black girls, and it is sexy to me. But I am talking really black or dark girls. Very sexy. I would kind of prefer them over the yellow bone one’s. Just sometimes. At the end of the day she still has to be sexy. All girls of all colors can be sexy.

I had one once on my couch, or not one, but close enough. More on the dark side than on the light side. He is a few pics of her. Let me cut of that face first. I have not done it yet. I will do it tonight. Talking about the dark one, Anna, I must get her over here to do another shoot.

Anna. Think I must do a new shoot with her.
Pussy perfect.
Tits, very nice, can be bigger.
What a spread. My second favorite.
Jip, dis Anna daai.

Maar Anna is nie donker genoeg nie. Sy is sexy, maar nie donker genoeg nie. Ook nie vet genoeg nie. I want both. One that is darker and one that is fatter. But I wil take her any day for another round. Lick that pussy, stick my dick up her ass. And have a few pics. And she loves to suck dick.

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